Sucklers sell to £1,272 at Sedgemoor

A reduced entry of 148stock met a very similar trade at Sedgemoor Market. Meat cows peaked at apremium to 158p/kg for a Devon cross from Mr R J Maltby. Next up was a Bluecross cow from Messrs A B, R G and J L Darby at 152p/kg and following on was anAngus at 147p/kg from Messrs A R and J L Denning.


SUCKLERSsold to £1,272.26 for a tremendous pedigree Angus, weighing 953kg from Messrs AR and J L Denning.  Other sucklersover £1000 were an Angus from Messrs J H, M B and D J Jewell which sold to £1,078.80and a Devon from Mr R J Maltby which made £1,077.56.

BLACK and WHITEcows rose to £1,146.69 (137p/kg) for a tremendous 837kg Holstein Freisian fromMessrs M M and E H Lucas, who sold others at £997.02 (130.5p/kg) and £960.78 (129p/kg).A bid of £1,020.86 (134.5p/kg) was given for another Holstein Freisian cow fromMessrs A J and M J Rodd. 

CULL BULLSsold to £991.70 for a Devon from Messrs S J Govier.

UTM CLEANpeaked at 179.5ppk for a Limousin heifer from Mr R J Whitcombe.  A Black and White Holstein Friesianheifer at 140.4ppk from Messrs P T Norman and Sons.



All cows averaged £646.15,reflecting the increased number of small cows.


Auctioneers:Greenslade Taylor Hunt