Eleven Sedgemoor milkers over £2,000, Gisburn to £2,120

A year-record of eleven cows broke the £2,000 mark at Sedgemoor’s monthly dairy sale on Saturday (23 September) and topped with a non-pedigree heifer at £2,100.

A good entry of 128-head of mostly milking cattle and dry cows saw a strong trade, although staler cows were harder to sell.

Topping the sale was Richard Lewis, Carmarthen, who also saw heifers at £2,080 and £2,000.

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A run of cattle from RH Webb topped at £2,090, followed by ET Summerfield and Son at £2,070. Messrs CB Powell and Son saw prices at £2,060, as did MB and CJM Ayre and LG Bagg and Partners.

Next at £2,040 was an entry from Mr MC Powell, followed by Panda Holsteins at £2,000. British Friesians topped at £1,420 from AP Ratcliffe and Ayshire heifers from Ham Farm Partners hit £1,580.

(Greenslade Taylor Hunt)

Gisburn sees six at £2,000

Firmer trade was noted at Gisburn on Thursday (21 September) as dairy cattle broke £2,000 six times and eight made £1,800 or more.

More than 90-head went under the hammer, with trade topped by a non-pedigree fresh heifer from RG Johnson, Felliscliffe, Harrogate, at £2,120, who was sold 12 days calved and giving 32 litres to T and M Green, Wigan, who bought three other dearer lots.

Next at £2,020 and securing the championship was Abberhouse Shockwave Matilda 2 from Jennings Farmers, Ripon, which was bought by W Oldfield, Gisburn.

Jennings Farmers won the Championship on the day and saw a £2,020 bid

Matching this was a third calver from WJ and I France and son, Chipping, Preston. She was knocked down to WTC Farms, Hutton, Preston, as the dearest cow on the day.

Averages: Pedigree newly calved heifers, £1,671; Cows, £1,703; Non-pedigree newly calved heifers, £1,448; Cows £1,517; In-calf heifers, £1,455, bulling heifers and stirks, £692. (Richard Turner and Son)