Technology promises bright future for pig sector

New technology can deliver a bright future for the pig industry, according to Alltech UK, new sponsors of the 2011 Farmers Weekly Pig Farmer of the Year award.

The sector is under pressure from high feed costs. However, demand remains firm and the sector itself represents a huge opportunity to reshape our focus regarding technology to deliver more sustainable and robust businesses, says Ian Leach, regional director for Alltech UK.

“A healthy animal underpins its performance, its ability to reach its genetic potential and ultimately a sustainable return to the producer.

“We have seen the devastating effects of viral diseases and we will undoubtedly continue to see restrictions in the use of antibiotics. We therefore need a new approach to ensure animal health, based upon research, knowledge and proven results”.

Key to this new approach is the natural enhancement of the animal’s health and immune system and the maintenance of gut function.

“Total replacement mineral nutrition, maternal programming, precision nutrition and nutrigenomics are all terms with which the pig industry will increasingly become familiar,” Mr Leach says.

“Through the use of unique new nutrients and novel concepts of pig nutrition, combined with precision management and detailed on farm recording, pig producers can successfully improve productivity and profitability.”

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