Texel cross theaves top at £168 at Bagshaws

With a total of 7,376 theaves and ewes on offer a large number of buyers were in attendance. Quality was the watch word and there was a great contrast between the best and the worst with a similar difference in price.


The sale commenced with 5,410 theaves of which the biggest proportion were Mules.

The Texel crosses topped at £168 from A and D Gregory, Litton’s pen of five. The Texel theave average was £125.71.  Mule trade was next at £165 for a pen of five from JS Harvey, Leek. The Mule theaves met an overall average of £123.36. Mashams sold to a top of £154 from Bleaklow Industries and Scotch Half Breds went to £142 from SA Flower, Pikehall. Suffolk crosses were back in favour after last year’s slump with the best to £138 from A Flower, Pikehall and a solid average at £122.50.

Averages: 3,123 Mule theaves, £123.36; 1,478 Texel crosses, £125.71; 335 Suffolk crosses, £122.50.


Demand for correct breeding ewes was very good with young ewes especially well sold.  A run of 300 Texel cross ewes from Andrew Froggatt topped at £131. Next at £128 were Suffolk crosses, followed by Mule trade at £96.

Averages: Texel crosses, £113.32; Suffolk crosses, £92.50; Dorset, £81, Lleyn, £72; Mule, £70.26.