The Royal Show starts – well nearly!!

Well it’s the first day of the Royal Show and…well I’m not sure what to say! The talk of three buildings is true – it’s very strange to walk through from Gate 5 and be greated by closed doors onthe livestock buildings.

Judging is kicking off today at 10am and then again at 2pm, with some judges taking care of multiple breeds. Overall I would say the Limousins have a good number with cattle down from Scotland from Robert Graham and a wagon over from Raymond Crawford in Ireland. Doug Mash is also in residence.

There are a half tidy number of Charolais as well, along with Herefords. Shorthorns and Aberdeen-Angus are lacking and the dairy cattle look similar.

It’s such a shame bluetongue has cast it’s spell on this show, as I really feel they needed all the help they can get this year! But there we go – DEFRA were never going to change course for a show!

We’ll keep you posted with cattle results as and when and hope to build a gallery as soon as possible…..oh and it’s raining – there’s a suprise!

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