Three Counties Show- full results

Full show results from this weekend’s Three Counties Show


Herefords:  Mr Colledge’s Herford bull Dorepoll 1 Emperor:res D and B Ellis’s Hereford bull Leo’s Pride 1 Ellis.

Aberdeen Angus:Glympton Farm’s heifer Glympton Duchess Eileen; res, J Price’s bull Oakchurch Diplomat 

British Blonde:Hackleton Farm’s British Blonde Cow, Hackleton Vixen; res, Mr and Mrs D Knight’s heifer Doncombe Celine

British Blue: Mr A J and L M Geary’s cow Liuttlewood Deerfoot; res, Mr T Bodily’s cow Boomer Enchantment

British Charolais: Mr E Lee’s heifer Mortimers Delight; Res, Messrs M L Impey and M L Davies’s cow Hamilton Avalon;

Limouisn😛 R Dawes’s cow Fleethill Sal; res, P R Dawes Dinmore daffodil

Simmental: Boddington Estates’s copw Sterling Dolores; res, Warwickshire Colleges’s bull Mortonhall Vanguard

Highland: Mrs A M Perkins’s seniour bull Joss Dubh of Bausley; res, Messrs Monk’s heifer Turfrida 27th Of Eastol Morr

Longhorn: Mr D J Hitchings’s Heifer Ashton Imogen; res, Mr F Sutton’s bull Parc Grace Dieu Tinhorn

Murray Grey: Mrs S Harrows heifer Waterfield Velmer; res, D A and R A Kent’s heifer Darose Annie

South Devon: Messrs J G Williams and Son’s South Devon bull; res, K V and M A Plain’s cow Foxhole Buttercup 2

Any other breed: Mrs T Blake’s Shothorn bull Stonmour Thunder Cloud; res, A M Austin and Partner’s Saler cow Morwenstow Jasmin 6 

Beef Pairs: B M Robinson’s British Charolais pair;

Native Beef: J Price’s Aberdeen Angus bull; res, Messrs J G Williams and Sons’s South Devon bull.

Continental Beef: Hackleton Farm’s British Blonde; P Dawes British Limousin

Interbreed Beef Championship: Hackleton Farm’s cow Hackleton Vixen ; res, P R Dawes’s cow Fleethil Sal with calf at foot

Commercial beef: B E William’s British Blue x steer; res, B E Williams Blonde cross




Beltex: A D Bishop’s two shear ewe or over; res, A D Bishop’s ewe lamb

Berrichon Du Cher: res, S T pritchard’s two shear ewe or over; Mr Keeves two shear ram or over

Blue Texel: to come

British Bleu Du Maine: Mrs Vile and Mr S Norman; res,  Mrs S Shone.

British Charollais: Mr Amphlett’s ram lamb; res, Mr Jones’s yearling ewe

Clun Forest: Mr C and A Meredith’s yearling ram; res, Mr A Smith’s two year or over shear ewe

Dorset Down: Mr T Ward’s two shear or over ewe; Dr J McMinn’s ram lamb.

Hampshire Down: Mr J L Davies’s two shear or over ewe; res, Messrs A and G Pink’s yearling ram.

Leicester Longwool: Mr John’s ram; res, Mr John’s ewe

Lleyn: Mrs S E Peter’s shearling ewe; res, Mrs D and Mr A Kelly’s shearling ram

Oxford Down: J W Hook’s yearling ewe; res, J W Hook’s yearling ram.

Rouge De L’Ouest: Mr P Tait’s ram two shear or over; res, D R Jane’s yearling ewe

Shropshire: Miss A Clay’s ram two shear or over; res, Miss e Butcher’s ram lamb

Southdown: J R Williams’s ram two shear or over; res, J R Williams’s yearling ewe.

Suffolk: M Davies and Son’s ram lamb; res,   C and A Meredith’s yearling ewe

Texel: C S Ponting and Co’s yearling ram; res, D I Corfield and partner’s ewe two shear or over.


Vendeen: T E Jackson‘s yearling ewe; res, C Vernon Miller’s ram two shear or over.

Zwartbles: Clay Farm Partnership’s shearling ram; res, A J Thorburn’s shearling ewe

Badger Face Welsh Mountain `N Dillon’s shearling ewe; res, L K Levinge’s shearling ewe

Cotswold: S Stanhope’s shearling ram; res, R Harvey-Long’s shearling ram

Jacob: D G partidge’s shearling ewe; res, D j Price’s ewe lamb

Kerry Hill: R Powell’s ram; res, R Powell’s ewe

Lincoln Longwool: Risby Grange Longwool’s shearling ram; J Newman’s two shear ram

Ryeland: I Lewis

Coloured Ryeland: Messrs Donovan’s ewe; res, Mr and Mrs Mcvicar’s ram lamb

Any other native: D Stanhope’s Teeswater; res, A Hodges and Son’s Llanwenog



Berkshire: Kilcot Pedigress Pigs’s sow; res, Mr Impey’s boar.

British Saddleback: Messrs Edward and Thomas’s Sow; res, Mrs D Beeby’s gilt

Large White: Alice Newth’s gilt; res, alice Newth’s gilt

Middle White:Miss paddock’s sow; res, M Paddock’s gilt

Tamworth: C G and S J Howes’s sow; res, Mr Sages’s gilt

Welsh: W C Jenkins’s sow; res, Messrs B and C Beck’s boar

Other Modern Breeds Alice Newth’s gilt; Kilcot Pedigree pig’s gilt.

Interbreed modern: Alice Newth’s gilt; Alice Newth’s gilt

Interbreed traditional; Messrs Edwards and Thomas’s sow; S J and A L Booth’s gilt

Interbreed overall: Messrs Edwards and Thomas’s sow; Alice Newth’s gilt



Holstein: R J Clare’s cow, res, Murray Farm’s Holstein

Jersey: Murray Farm’s Jersey