Three Counties Show:Sheep classes

 Beltex: A D Bishop’s two shear ewe or over; res, A D Bishop’s ewe lamb

Berrichon Du Cher: res, S T pritchard’s two shear ewe or over; Mr Keeves two shear ram or over

Blue Texel: to come

British Bleu Du Maine: Mrs Vile and Mr S Norman; res,  Mrs S Shone.

British Charollais: Mr Amphlett’s ram lamb; res, Mr Jones’s yearling ewe

Clun Forest: Mr C and A Meredith’s yearling ram; res, Mr A Smith’s two year or over shear ewe

Dorset Down: Mr T Ward’s two shear or over ewe; Dr J McMinn’s ram lamb.

Hampshire Down: Mr J L Davies’s two shear or over ewe; res, Messrs A and G Pink’s yearling ram.

Leicester Longwool: Mr John’s ram; res, Mr John’s ewe

Lleyn: Mrs S E Peter’s shearling ewe; res, Mrs D and Mr A Kelly’s shearling ram

Oxford Down: J W Hook’s yearling ewe; res, J W Hook’s yearling ram.

Rouge De L’Ouest: Mr P Tait’s ram two shear or over; res, D R Jane’s yearling ewe

Shropshire: Miss A Clay’s ram two shear or over; res, Miss e Butcher’s ram lamb

Southdown: J R Williams’s ram two shear or over; res, J R Williams’s yearling ewe.

Suffolk: M Davies and Son’s ram lamb; res,   C and A Meredith’s yearling ewe

Texel: C S Ponting and Co’s yearling ram; res, D I Corfield and partner’s ewe two shear or over.

Vendeen: T E Jackson‘s yearling ewe; res, C Vernon Miller’s ram two shear or over.

Zwartbles: Clay Farm Partnership’s shearling ram; res, A J Thorburn’s shearling ewe


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