Trade boost for Kivells 2007 figures

Kivells, auctioneers, who run livestock centres at Holsworthy, Liskeard and Hallworthy, have seen a very impressive increase in trade in stock for 2007 compared to 2006.

The biggest change was in the sale of store cattle where a 39% increase was seen with total sales just shy of 20,000 head of stock. In the dairy cow auctions, auctioneer Mark Bromell also saw a significant increase with their business improving nearly 8%.

In the prime cattle section it was a similar story of a 7.2% increase and in the store sheep section an increase of 14%. Auctioneer and partner of Kivells, David Kivell, said, “It is really exciting to see our livestock sales improving at an impressive rate with both cattle and sheep sales showing real improvement.

Our livestock markets offer tremendous competition between an increased number of buyers which gives potential for high returns on stock values and they also play a vital role in the social calendar which does much to dissolve the rural isolation experienced by many in the farming world”.

Kivells have now introduced two new regular auctions to their sales calendar in the livestock markets to include weekly sales of prime stock, cattle and sheep at Hallworthy in North Cornwall and regular monthly red markets of TB-restricted cattle and cows at Holsworthy.