Trade down on the week at Skipton

Another large entry of over 4,000 prime sheep for Skipton Auction Mart’s Monday bank holiday market met with mixed trade, with the best meated types down around £2 a head down on the week, commercial Suffolk and Continental-x lambs about £3 down, while Mule lambs mainly sold about £25 over the weight, between £4-£5 down. This was reflected in the overall selling average of £70.88 a head or 178.8p/kg.

Cull ewes averaged £53.59 a head, again slightly down on the week, though representing a good trade, with the overall average reflecting a larger proportion of lean horned ewes. Cast rams were stronger at £72.33 each.

In the prime cattle classes, cull cows were a very sharp trade, selling to an overall average of 124.92p/kg, or £786.24 a head, an improved showing on the week, with six entries achieving four figures. Prime cattle under 48 months also performed better to average 135.09p/kg, or £889.31.

Rearing calves were again strong, the 39 entries selling to an improved overall average of just over £226 a head and to a high of £435.