Trade levels £96/head for lambs at Kirkby Stephen prime sale

Harrison & Hetherington, Kirkby Stephen Mart, held their weekly sale of prime and cast sheep where an entry of 2,585 sheep were forward, consisting of 2,253 prime lambs and 232 cast ewes and rams.


Topping the sale at £96 was a pair of Beltex cross lambs from Mr Kevin Sowerby, Terry’s Farm, which were purchased by Dowding’s Butchers, Appleby.


Topping at 220.6p/kg were a pen of seven Beltex cross lambs from Messrs Boustead, High Lane and were purchased by Vivers Scotlamb Ltd.


All classes of sheep were once again better to sell, with lighter weights being in demand and  good pen of Swaledale lambs being in particularly well sold and with a total of 703 Swaledale lambs being forward.


Cast ewes and ram were a much stronger trade on recent weeks, with the best ewes and leaner sheep being in most demand. Topping this section was a pen of Beltex sheep from Wharton Hall at £92,30 a head.