Two herd dispersals draw the crowds in at Bakewell

The overall top price from the store and breeding cattle sale, Bakewell, was £1,950 for a five and a half year old pedigree Limousin cow and her four month old Blue bull calf at foot. The outfit was sold on behalf of RM Hardy, Waterhouses.  The same vendor also sold a 10 year old in-calf pedigree Limousin at £1,280.

But it was the two herd dispersals of breeding cattle that attracted many potential buyers. Mrs B Shimwell of Elton sold 14 cows, the majority with calves at foot as well as the farm stock bull. The top call was £1,920 for a pure Limousin cow and her steer calf, with other outfits selling at £1,730, £1,610, £1,470, £1,400. In-calf cows sold to £940 on two occasions for spring-calving Hereford and Angus cows.  A small herd of all-year-round calving cows and calves averaged £1,331.

Next was the dispersal of the Hall Farm section of the Angus cross herd, the property of Mrs M Mosley & Sons, Snitterton.  Their dispersal consisted of 124 predominately Angus with a few Hereford cows with their spring born (March to May) Charolais steer and heifer calves at foot.  Half the cows were over seven years old with a number also over 10 years.  They met a very even trade throughout with fast and furious bidding.  Top price was £1,600 for a seven year old Angus with her twin Charolais calves at foot. The 124 cows averaged £1,259.27 with the top seven cows over £1,500 and only four under £1,000.

Breeding cattle sell well at Bakewell

Breeding cattle sell well at Bakewell

Dakin Shimwell also started to disperse his Limousin and blue cross bred herd with his first consignment consisting of five cows that sold to a top of £1,500 for a three year old blue heifer and her seven month old Limousin steer calf at foot. His five cows averaged £1,410.

Bill Taylor, Gosmore sold 38 Hereford and Shorthorn in-calf heifers and these sold to a top of £1,220 for a pair of 28 month old Herefords in-calf to Angus for November calving.

A run of stock bulls were generally harder work selling at a bad time of year but a good Hereford sold to £1,600 for S & M Shardlow, Shirland.