Two years on the ‘trotters’!

The final of the 2007 NPA Pig of the Year competition culminated with what must have been a record ringside crowd at the Great Yorkshire Show with Selby-based judge, William Gregory, placing Steve Loveless’ Large White Boar, Port Bredy Prince overall champion for the second year running.

Sponsored by Cranborne Estates, the traditional breed meat company of the Marquess of Salisbury, heats are held at County Shows around the country from which pigs qualify for the final at the Great Yorkshire Show.

Prince reigned triumphant at the Royal Cornwall Show, qualifying him for the competition and also took the breed championship on Tuesday.


Full results of the show classes are below:

Interbreed C D Vaughan’s Welsh boar Vinery Workman; res, J Newth’s Large White sow Prestleigh Beryl II

Any other pedigree breed (modern) R and P M Horsley’s Hampshire sow Blencarth Judy; res, N L G Hunkin’s

Any other pedigree breed (traditional) C Turners sow Farlane Clare 6; res, C Turner’s Farlane Clare 7

Berkshire T Bretherton’s sow Wedlock Louise 4; res, C Impey’s gilt Fairoaks Fairwell 15th

British Lop M V Hicks’ sow Windmill Excelsa 15; res, D W Harrison’s sow Penllwyn Lulu 15th

British Saddleback J Newth’s sow Prestcombe Dinah 45; res, D Beeby’s sow Brydges Babble

Gloucestershire Old Spot M V Hicks’ sow Windmill Bluebell 2; res, S J and A L Booth’s sow Chapel Dolly

Large Black S J Richardson’s boar Tyldesley Super 105; res, J Mathews’ sow Lowpark Grandeur

Large White S J S Loveless’ boar Port Bredy Prince; res, J Newth’s sow Prestleigh Beryl II

Middle White E Paddock’s sow Eaves Dorothy 3; res, E Paddock’s sow Lewin Dorothy 3

Tamworth C Horsley’s boar Templeson Ruby 27; res, L M Farrington’s sow Beechwood Luck Lass 234

Welsh C D Vaughan’s boar; res, R and P M Horsley’s sow Gillbeck Tessa 3418

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