Updated pics from Perth selling today

Well as I think about signing off for today and switching my attention to writing hard copy for this week’s Farmers Weekly, I thought I’d update you with some pictures from today’s selling.

It’s certainly been a fantastic day for the Aberdeen-Angus Society with prices reaching 32,000gns, I certainly won’t forget the look on Bob Lane’s face as he realised what his bulls were selling for – well done Bob!!

The Shorthorns also had a good day reaching 12,000gns for one from Bill and Jane Landers, mind you I think that was all down her to her fantastic marketing ability in the ring making everyone crack up laughing – congratualtions to you too!

So that leaves me thinking what tomorrow will bring and I’m sticking with my early predictions that Newhouse will be there or there abouts in terms of topping trade, Their Black Bandit bull is certainly what to take a look at.

What ever happens I’ll try and keep you posted!