Willsbro Holsteins 2012 sale postponed due to TB restrictions

Willsbro Holsteins have been forced to postpone their 2012 sale because of TB restrictions.

On Thursday 15 March the farm carried out a routine TB test at a rented off-farm beef unit.  This test resulted in two suspected cases. Fortunately they were situated at a separate unit used for fattening beef.

Unfortunately due to the rules and regulations of DEFRA, this holding was not allowed to be separated from the main holding.  As a result the whole herd has been placed under a movement restriction including all animals in the sale.

The family commented: “This comes as a huge shock and massive disappointment to the family and all involved.  Much hard work and preparation has gone into the event making it one of the most anticipated Holstein sales in Europe.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused, especially to anyone who has already made travel arrangements for their trip to sunny Cornwall. We now look forward to welcoming everyone to Willsbro later in the year.”

Looking forward, Willsbro are now planning to hold their first online live embryo auction to sell 30 embryo packages over a one week period with live bidding.  This sale will contain all the cream of genetics from Willsbro from all the best families and high genomic females. This “1st Willsbro Online Embryo Sale” will be scheduled soon. 

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