Win a pair of free dehorners

Fancy winning a pair of Ritchey Portasol Dehorners worth £100 by filling out a short questionnaire?

That’s exactly what eight lucky winners will receive by answering a simple question on the role of a licensed colostrum product in helping to protect against neonatal diarrhoea.

The free-to-enter competition has been launched by Vétoquinol as part of a drive to encourage dairy and beef farmers to appreciate the benefits of using a licensed, standardised colostrum product.

Scours are caused by a mixture of bacteria such as Ecoli and viruses like rotavirus and coronavirus in the newborn’s gut. Calves are built with little in-built defence against these diseases, as the placenta of cows do not allow the passage of immune protection to the calf.

“Calf scours are often caused by Ecoli pathogens, which are present on most beef and dairy farms. Ensuring calves have maximum protection against Ecoli makes good business sense,” says Vétoquinol product manager, Susan Nash.

Don’t miss your chance to win this fabulous prize – simply download your entry form online.

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