Claas rolls out baler and mower updates

Claas has added extra features to its largest 4200, 5200 and 5300 Quadrant balers, including the option of a bale-weighing system on the exit ramp with four sensors sending the information to an iPad terminal in the cab.

Weighing can take place at speeds up to 20kph and the information can be added to customer invoices using Claas’s new Toni system.

The system records data from the baler with details on bale locations, weights and moisture levels separated into individual fields.

There is also a new lighting package available on the three balers, while the Quadrant 4200RC now has the same pull-out knife draw as its two bigger brothers.

It means a whole knife set can be changed in 15 minutes, the company says, whereas it previously took an hour.


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Corto drum mowers

Claas still believes there is a worthy market for the humble drum mower and has introduced the Corto 310F aimed at zero grazers and farmers in hilly areas.

Its current range stretches from 1.85m up to the huge 10.7m model, though the new version sits at the lower end with a working width of 3.05m.

It features a ground contour system and there are new collision protection strips on each corner with the option of fitting a second set of swath discs for the narrow rows.


These new features have been built on the flagship Corto 3200F and both mowers now feature the active float system.

It allows the operator to alter downward pressure by shifting the weight of the mower from the ground to the tractor to protect the sward.

The new Corto rear 3200 is a replacement for the Corto 310 and houses two large and two small drums to a working width of 3.05m.

For road transport, the mower folds to 120degrees behind the tractor, which Claas say spreads the weight evenly without unbalancing one side.


Claas has also introduced an auto-swather on the larger Disco mower range with auto slope control and a sensor on the mainframe to tweak the speed.

Volto 55

In the tedder department, the new Volto 55 replaces the Volto 52 with a working width of 5.5m and Claas’s new spreading concept with each 10.5mm tine now having a 29.3degree angle.

The company has put a weight-transferring headstock on the new Volto to shift the load onto the lower arm linkages, which should be useful over hilly terrain as it stops the tedder over-running when travelling downhill.

There is an optional central support wheel to stop dirt being flicked into the crop and an edge spreading guard.