6 tools to keep your grain store clean this harvest

Ensuring a clean and dust-controlled environment for grain storage will help save money and keep grain-drying costs to a minimum.

Here is our pick of the latest kit to help you clean up.

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JCB Bucket Brush

JCB Attachments Bucket Brush

A low profile for good forward visibility and an upright “parking” position in storage are features of JCB’s Bucket Brush attachment.

Poly-bristle cartridges form the hydraulically driven brush are in segments, which JCB says are easily replaced.

The assembly as a whole is mounted on one of a new range of Grain Shovel buckets using quick-release couplings. A Domex steel frame and corrosion-resistant galvanised steel hood combine for an all-in weight of 210kg.

Price POA from JCB Agriculture

Big Brute Bulkmaster

Big Brute Bulkmaster

The Big Brute Bulkmaster bins can be used to expand the capacity of a Big Brute vacuum cleaner.

They can also be operated with their own Big Brute power unit as a super-sized cleaner or for recovering bulk materials.

There are 0.5t and 1t sizes with cone-shaped bottom discharge outlets for quick and complete emptying and built-in pallet fork slots.

Prices Interceptor 0.5t £1,995, 1t £3,074; self-powered 0.5t £3,361, 1t £4,302 from Michael Williams Engineering

Big Brute Warehouseman and Popular

Big Brute Popular

The Popular (above) and Warehouseman are the Big Brute industrial vacuums most commonly used for cleaning up grain stores.

High suction power means you can use two 15m hoses to get at all the awkward areas of a store or dryer installation.

There are also various accessories, including 16 sizes of the mole underfloor cleaning tool for vacuuming laterals, lift-out bags for easier emptying and a dust extraction kit.

The Popular can be ordered with a 14in hose-attached floor sweeper, while the Warehouseman has a 28in sweeper attached to the Big Brute frame.

Prices Big Brute Popular from £1,599, Warehouseman from £1,920 – all from Michael Williams Engineering

Bema 30 Dual

Bema 30 Dual

Good housekeeping round the yard can help keep pests at bay and a tractor- or loader-mounted hydraulic-drive sweeper is a good way of keeping things clean.

The 30 Dual is one of a range of sweepers from Bema and this one can sweep and collect, or sweep only, with its 600mm diameter polypropylene bristle brush facing straight on or angled to one side.

There are four widths from 1.85-2.55m with collection capacity of 340-480 litres. Weights range from 460-650kg.

All are supported on high-spec vulcanised elastic rubber wheels front and rear with spindle wheel adjustment to get the working height just right.

Options include dust-suppressing water sprays and one or two 600mm diameter rotary side brushes with hydraulic lift can be added to increase the swept width and entice debris from kerbs and out of corners.

Price 30 Dual 2300 £7,000 from Bema UK

Bema 11 Multi-Clean

Bema 11 Multi-Clean

The Bema 11 Multi-Clean broom is the latest addition to the German manufacturer’s range and is available in four widths of 1500mm, 2000mm, 2500mm and 3000mm. It comes with a choice of fittings to mount on pallet forks, a loader backplate or the base plate of a grain bucket.

The Multi-Clean has polypropylene bristles arranged in 11 rows of alternating thickness to provide a softer brushing effect for loose material and a harsher sweep for hardened deposits.

Price £1,300-£1,500, depending on fittings from Bema UK

Wessex SweepEx MegaMax 960

Wessex SweepEx MegaMax 960

At 2.44m, the MegaMax 960 is the largest model in the SweepEx range of tractor- and loader-mounted brooms. If you want something smaller then there are also 1.5m, 1.8m and 2.4m widths to pick from.

Patented side retainers on the 960 are designed to hold bulk volumes of material in front of the brush and the end brushes are twisted in a way that gives full coverage up to walls and kerbs. It means material is pulled away from the edge to keep it in the path of the broom. Forklift, three-point linkage and skid-steer mountings are available.

Price £1,710, plus pallet fork sleeve hitch, £235, from Wessex International