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Harvest losses are all too common in oilseed rape, when bad weather and over-ripe crops can cause pods to shatter and seed to shed, regardless of harvesting method. Find out how harvest management can be helped by varietal traits, pod sealants, desiccation and other developments as the combines roll.

Keeping oilseed rape in tip-top condition and preventing spoilage by fungi and mites in store is important for preventing any claims and rejections. Discover how to store your oilseed rape crops safely and effectively, meet food safety legislation and get a glimpse of latest storage innovations.

Case studies

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OSR Masters: Growers make a good start to new season

Drilling dates have varied by five weeks and costs are being kept low as our Oilseed Rape Masters get this season’s crops up and away. Adam Driver, Driver Farms, Brockley,…


Video: World record OSR yield attempt in Lincolnshire

High on the Lincolnshire Wolds, grower Tim Lamyman is trying to break his own world yield record for oilseed rape and the omens look good. There is thick carpet of…


How farmers will benefit from grain co-op’s kit upgrades

Storage and drying equipment upgrades are helping an “open all hours” co-operative store to maintain service levels for south-west growers, enabling combines to continue cutting in busy harvest periods. Devon…


Grain pools: Helping growers add value and manage risk

Interest in joining a grain pool has soared in the past two years for one farmer co-op, as growers look to manage risk and add value during a period of…


Bespoke grain drying floor also prepares biofuel for dryer

A bespoke drying floor constructed for efficient bulk grain drying that can also cope with the added rigours of preparing woodchip for fuel is a feature of a 1,000t store…


Continuous-flow grain dryer transforms harvest

Having a continuous-flow dryer that can handle large quantities of damp crop with relative ease has transformed the harvest logistics on busy Manor Farm, Berwick Bassett in Wiltshire. And that’s…

Practical advice

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Tips for raising oilseed rape yields

Oilseed rape growers taking part in an Adas-organised yield competition averaged 0.5t/ha more than their counterparts in Germany last season, a country that has historically out-yielded the UK. While the…


Ways to improve on 2016's poor oilseed rape yields

Oilseed rape growers are being urged to focus on good establishment, adequate nutrition and top-notch disease control to avoid the dismal yields of last summer. Poor weather was the key…


Hybrid oilseed rape varieties need later desiccation

Oilseed rape desiccation using glyphosate for modern hybrid varieties should be timed later than that used in the past for traditional conventional varieties. Barrie Hunt, Monsanto’s technical specialist for its…


Grain storage decisions – own store or co-op?

Put up your own building, join a central co-operative store or take advantage of flexible grain store hire? Louise Impey looks at the options. There are long and short-term considerations…


Guide to new rodenticide rules for livestock farmers

Changes in the law on rodenticides use means farmers have more options to tackle rats effectively this autumn. We discuss how the law changes affect farmers and offer practical tips…


New rules for rodenticides explained

New rules for buying and using rodenticides means that farmers will now need a certificate of competence. The new requirements will be phased in over the next 12 months and…


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Harvest verdict: Barley is the winner in mixed season

The 2019 harvest started in ideal dry conditions with winter barley growers reporting bumper crops coming off with good quality, some were even seeing yields well into double digits.    But…


Harvest 2019: The 5 top-yielding winter oilseed rape varieties

Throughout the harvest season, we are updating our handy map with the latest data from 2019’s AHDB winter oilseed rape Recommended List harvest results. Use the map below to find…


Harvest verdict: OSR the big winner for 2017

Oilseed rape yields jumped sharply this summer as the weather seemed to suit the crop while the picture with wheat output was more regional. Prospects for the rapeseed crop edged…


Harvest 2017: The 5 top-yielding oilseed rape varieties

Throughout the harvest season we will be updating this handy map with the latest data from this year’s AHDB oilseed rape Recommended List 2017 harvest results. Use the map below to…


How variety choice can help ease the oilseed rape harvest

Ease of harvesting could become just as important as ease of management when it comes to choosing oilseed rape varieties. The threat to glyphosate’s future and the possibility of greater…


Harvest review: How 2016 yields measure up

UK rapeseed production has slumped by more than 30% below the previous season, while cereals fell back in line with the five-year average, according to the first official figures for harvest…


Top-yielding candidate varieties revealed

Last season was a challenging one, with “average” yields being the new “good”. However, some candidate varieties in AHDB trials offered a glimpse of what is to come. Those up…


Harvest 2016 verdict: What we learned from barley and OSR

Both oilseed rape and winter barley were the real disappointments this harvest, with yields 10-20% down on the five-year average and very low winter barley specific weights are already leading…


Key wheat and OSR varieties deliver in mediocre season

The latest batch of AHDB Recommended Lists harvest results are pointing to an average season for wheat yields, while oilseed rape continues to underperform with the shortfall rising to over…


Harvest 2016: Top 5 yielding oilseed rape varieties

Throughout the harvest season we’ll be updating this handy map with the latest data from this year’s AHDB winter oilseed rape Recommended List 2016 harvest results. Use the map below to…

Harvest 2015: 5 top-yielding oilseed rape varieties

Throughout the harvest season we will be updating this handy map with the latest data from this year's AHDB winter oilseed rape Recommended List 2015 harvest results. See also: 5 top-yielding…