Berthoud battery powered knapsack sprays more weeds


French sprayer maker Berthoud has launched an electric knapsack sprayer that has a faster-charging and lighter-weight battery than its predecessor.

The Vermorel 3000 weighs 6.2kg including the battery pack, tipping the scales a full 1.5kg lighter than the old model.

Once fully charged, the new 18v lithium-ion battery is good for five to six hours of operation and when it eventually gives up the ghost it takes two and a half hours to regain full power.

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Other features include electronic pressure control, faster spray shut-off and a self-calibration system to make it easier to set up.

Four LEDs on the control panel indicate how much charge is left and for long work sessions there’s the option of carrying a spare battery pack.

The sprayer also has three pressure settings – 1.5 bar and 3 bar for single nozzle spraying and 1 bar for swath spraying with a triple nozzle boom.

The chemical is stored in an 18-litre translucent tank and dispensed via a 60-120cm telescopic lance. A trolley conversion kit is also available.

Expect to pay between £450 and £500.