Berthoud launches high-volume mounted sprayer

Berthoud has launched a new high-volume mounted sprayer aimed at farmers and contractors for whom a self-propelled or trailed sprayer is hard to justify.

The F Series is available with a 1200- or 1600-litre rear tank which can be combined with a 1000- or 1200-litre front tank, resulting in a potential capacity of 2800 litres.

Previously, most mounted sprayers only offered diaphragm pumps with limited output, meaning higher rate application wasn’t possible. But now, UK company Spraytrac and Berthoud have teamed up to fit the Elyte with a Hypro 800litre/min pump, meaning it takes 2-3mins to fill, and offers low pressure rates of 1000lph at a speed of 12kph and high pressure, low volume spraying when needed.

A clever plumbing system means high-volume, low-pressure spraying won’t result in frothing in the tank, too. The F Series Elyte is fitted as standard with twin self-cleaning filters, meaning tank cleaning is continual, while all other pipework is streamlined to smooth flow.

Prices start at £25,000.

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