Cereals 2010: Annaburger massive chaser bin makes debut

This built-to-order Annaburger chaser bin, imported by Techmagri, can hold a gargantuan 36cu m (or 27t wheat) and is the first of its kind to be shod with over-sized Michelin Cargo XBIB 750/60/30.5 tyres suitable to work at a ground pressure of 12psi.

The triple-axle machine has hydraulically positive steering on both front and rear axles and the auger has a diameter of 550mm, meaning unloading from full takes just 2.5m. It’s fitted with both air and hydraulic brakes, needs a tractor with 350hp to pull it and costs more than £70,000. This is the largest model available, there are 25cu m, 28cu m and 33cu m versions too.

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