Cereals 2024: Grange moves into seeding with 6m Tine-Drill Toolbar

After seven years in the soil loosening business, Yorkshire firm Grange Machinery has launched its first seed drill.

This comes in the form of the Tine-Drill Toolbar, which has been designed for establishing crops in a wide range of conditions, including those that confine many disc drills to the shed.

Several working widths are available, from 3m rigid to the 6m folding model pictured, all of which are based around a heavy-duty frame designed to minimise the risk of blocking with trash.

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To this end, the tines are spread over four rows at 250mm spacings, with a “calming” space between rows two and three that gives soil and previous crop residues time to settle.

Folding models feature floating wings that follow ground contours to maintain an even seeding depth, each of which runs on a pair of depth wheels with chunky tyres.

Coulters are provided by Bourgault, with a wide range of configurations on offer.

Pictured are four-inch, paired-row units that allow two products to be applied in neighbouring bands, each of which is fed via its own distribution head.

Additional features include a twin swept tine following harrow with angle adjustment and the option of mounting an additional applicator that feeds spreader plates at the rear.

Retail price of the 6m model pictured, complete with Stocks Turbo Jet i-Con applicator and spreader plates, is £50,000. It can be teamed with a front hopper from any manufacturer.

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