Cereals 2024: Horsch rejigs Avatar no-till disc drill into 6m toolbar

It’s almost as though drill makers had to have a mounted toolbar model in their line-up in order to get a stand at this year’s Cereals event.

One of the many makers displaying such a machine was Horsch, with a reconfigured version of its Avatar no-till disc drill.

The 6 SL uses the same coulters as the regular trailed machine, but has them bolted to a much lighter and simpler 6m mounted frame.

These are positioned over a single row with a spacing of 25cm.

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Without the weight of the hopper and running gear to help push the coulters into the ground, Horsch has devised a mechanism for transferring weight from the tractor.

This uses a hydraulic ram and linkage to lever against the underside of the link arms, thus forcing the coulters into the ground with a pressure of up to 240kg.

Trash wheels can be added to help it deal with large amounts of chopped straw and there’s the option of selective hosing for sending different products to alternate discs.

Individual coulter adjustment allows small and large seeds to be placed at varying depths and there’s the option of seeding at a double width of 50cm if required.

Retail price for the 6m SL toolbar is £51,000 with a suitable partner FT front hopper coming in at £24,350.

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