Amazone unveils 4m Cataya drill option

Amazone has introduced a 4m-wide version of its popular Cataya drill, which becomes the second new model in the range this year.

In comparison to the 3m model, the 4000 Super has a bigger 1,180-litre hopper and a 550-litre hopper extension, with working speeds around 12kph possible.

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The combination drill has the Precis metering system to switch between small and large seed quickly, with optional electric metering from both sides of the drill for half-width shut-off.

Calibration and depth of the double-disc coulters are adjusted in the SmartCentre, and the drill can have either 12.5cm or 15.4cm row spacings.  

Up top, there’s a choice of harrow or cultivator tines for the power harrow and the Cataya 4000 also has hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment.