5m trailed Aerosem combi drill joins Pottinger ranks

A new 5m trailed version of Pottinger’s Aerosem combination drill is now available for growers who want an alternative to the existing mounted models.

Previously, those shopping for a 5m Aerosem had to settle for a mounted unit paired with a hopper on the front linkage of the tractor. However, the semi-mounted VT 5000DD carries its 2,800-litre tank on an elongated drawbar, and it has a central divide to hold equal amounts of seed and fertiliser.

Each side has its own metering system so two products can be applied simultaneously using different application maps, though the mix is fed through the same single-shoot outlet on Pottinger’s Dual Disc double-disc coulter, which are spaced at 12.5cm and provide up to 60kg of pressure.

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These work into ground loosened by a Lion 103 C power-harrow at the front, followed by a gang of large packer wheels with a grooved profile.

The compact design of the drill means it is possible to swing around at the headland without missing bouts, even when the tractor is shod with dual wheels.

Other models in the range include mounted 3m and 4m drills with their hoppers above the coulters, and 4m and 5m versions with front-mounted seed tanks.

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