Agrictechnica 2023: Vaderstad redesigns Seed Hawk drills

Vaderstad is bringing its Seed Hawk no-till tine drill back to Europe, with a frame that folds to road legal proportions of just under 3m wide and 4m tall.

The trailed machine is available in 6m, 8m and 9m working widths.

It puts seed in the ground using the firm’s knife coulter system, which consists of two tines mounted on a parallel linkage with hydraulic pressure control and a rear press wheel.

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Front legs are set to work slightly deeper than the rears, reducing the risk of seed being damaged by coming into contact with fertiliser.

However, when using both to plant seed, it’s possible to set them at the same depth.

A leading disc option is also available, which reduces soil disturbance and prevents trash hooking around tines.

Seed and fertilisers can be stored in three separate hoppers, with a combined capacity of 7,000-litres, allowing different products to be applied at the same time.

These are doled out via a Fenix III metering system, controlled by the firm’s iPad-based, in-cab controller.

The products can be kept separate, with fertiliser sent to the leading tine and seed to the second leg on each of the assemblies.

Pre-series versions of the drill will be available for autumn 2024, with the order books officially opening in 2025.

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