Ingenious Seed Sock speeds up drill emptying

Merseyside farmer Olly Harrison has come up with a clever way to avoid shovelling piles of seed off the floor after emptying his drill.

After chatting with a neighbour, who manufactures children’s inflatable toys, the pair decided to adapt a sheet of 3sq m bouncy castle material by stitching lifting hooks at each corner and a funnel in the centre.

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Once the drill has been emptied, the PVC sheet can be folded up, lifted with a telehandler’s pallet forks and the leftover seed jettisoned into a bag.

Mr Harrison, who runs a popular daily video blog called Olly Blogs on YouTube, put the invention online and was surprised at the interest.

He originally asked his neighbour to make 20 units, but after receiving 60 orders in the first few weeks, he had to invest in extra office supplies to speed up the postage and packaging setup.

However, not wishing to switch professions from farming to e-commerce, he has now struck a deal with Spaldings to stock and ship the units.

Interested parties should be able to pick one up for about £200 (including postage) in the coming weeks.


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