KV’s 2,200-litre F-drill front hopper increases drilling capacity

A brace of new front hopper options will give Kverneland drill owners the option of ramping up carrying capacity of seed and/or fertiliser.

The smaller “Compact” F-drill will carry 1,600 litres and the “Maxi” is good for 2,200 litres, with both running the firm’s Eldos electric metering unit, a hydraulic fan drive and a 100mm diameter distribution system.

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The outfit can deliver application rates from 1 to 400kg/ha and can be combined with various offerings from the KV stable, including the Kultistrip strip-till cultivator, Optima maize drill and Monopill sugar beet drill.

It can also be paired with a power harrow and coulter bar to form a compact drilling outfit up to 6m wide.

And, in the case of a combi drill, the hopper can be used to carry different seeds, which opens the potential for companion cropping.

For ultimate flexibility, the company offers a “Duo” version equipped with two Eldos metering units and a split tank.

Prices start from £21,237 for the Compact version, which is isobus-compatible and can be controlled via any suitable touchscreen.

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