New 3m version adds to Horsch Focus TD drill options

Horsch has added a new model at the base of the Focus TD strip-till drill range to extend its appeal outside of large arable enterprises.

The 3m version carries a 3,500-litre steel tank with a 60/40 partition and can be specced with a 400-litre Mini Drill hopper mounted on the drawbar for small seeds or microgranular fertiliser.

Soil-working components start with two rows of Terra Grip spring-loaded tines to provide an element of deep loosening.

However, the tine cultivation frame can be replaced with the firm’s Disc System to create a compact rotary disc harrow. 

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Horsch Focus drill in field

© Horsch

This is followed by a bank of levelling and mixing discs, but these can also be swapped for a crumbling unit designed to form a finer tilth in medium and heavy soils.

Ground is then pressed by a 1m-diameter mid-packer before the seed is laid.

Most models are likely to be specced with Horsch’s more precise Turbo Disc openers, but the company also offers a Turbo Edge tine coulter that is better suited to dealing with heavy soils or those with lots of surface trash.

The 3m Focus TD is available in two formats – a 10-row version with 300mm spacings that costs £59,950 or 20 rows for £63,550.

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