Pottinger Vitasem seed drills gain bigger hoppers

Larger hoppers and easier calibration are among updates to Pottinger’s piggy-back Vitasem seed drills.

Designed to mount on a tine or disc cultivator, or a power harrow such as the manufacturer’s Lion and Fox models, the latest versions have up to 25% larger full-width tanks to extend working periods between fill-ups.

Improved internal lighting and external spot-lamps should improve visibility when working the drill early in the day or into the evening.

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Collection trays used for calibration that can be seen from the side make it easier to locate any of the multiple metering units that require adjustment or need to be changed.

Manual calibration – turning the metering rollers by hand crank – is made more reliable by an audible alarm that sounds when down to the final five turns.

But there is also an electric drive option to automate the calibration process, requiring no more effort than pressing a button in the in-cab control unit.

The Vitasem implement-mounted range kicks off with the M 3000 Classic to basic spec with 125mm spacing and a 530-litre hopper for tractors with limited lift capacity; it’s priced at £12,340.

Mainstream machines comprise a 2.5m model with 640-litre hopper and 125mm row spacing; a 3m version with 770- or 1,200-litre capacity on 150mm or 125mm rows; and the 4m M 4000, which can carry up to 1,170 or 1,700 litres of seed with the same row-width options as the 3m.

The 3m and 4m machines can have double-disc coulters as an alternative to the standard Suffolk-type for use in heavier soils.

These are priced at £21,695 and £29,599, respectively, versus £13,486 for a 3m 770-litre and £29,599 for a 4m 1,700-litre drill with Suffolk coulters.

A Tegosem hopper and distribution bar can be added for small-seed, slug pellet or microgranule application.

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