Sola Ares-P drill gets upgraded tech

The Ares-P drill from Spanish manufacturer Sola is a simple tractor-mounted air seeder with high-tech features designed for sowing into min-till seed-beds or on to ploughed land with minimal prior preparation.

It has a pressurised seed hopper for the first time with the aim of delivering consistent and even seed flow to the metering unit, especially when working on slopes as the hopper level drops.

Seed distribution heads and pipework are mounted outside the 1,800-litre hopper, so component inspection, and cleaning when changing seed type or variety, are said to be easier than when located internally.

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Sola’s own metering mechanism is electrically driven with Isobus control of all functions and monitoring of forward speed, fan speed and seed level in the hopper.

GPS controlled headland on-off control and variable seed-rate functions are available, together with half-width shut-off, operated either manually or using GPS section control.

Electric metering drive also allows simpler calibration; an amount of seed is collected and entered into the Isobus terminal to set the system to the required rate.

Sola Elite tine coulters have replaceable points at 125mm row spacing and are standard for working in stubbles or a min-till seed-bed and have an extension spring beneath the coulter designed for consistent pressure throughout the coulter arm’s range of movement. Alternatively, 350mm diameter staggered double-disc openers can be installed.

Badged KRM in the UK after its importer, Keith Rennie Machinery. The 4m Sola Ares-P drill is priced at £30,515, with 4.5m, 4.8m, 5.0m, 6.0m and 6.66m sizes are also available.

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