6m tillage drill makes its debut at Cereals 2007

Rustons Engineering Company (Reco) will be showing a new 6m Sulky minimum tillage drill at the Cereals event next week.

The new TRW6 machine – which has a 3400-litre capacity seed hopper – joins the existing 3m and 4m models in Sulky’s min-till drill line-up.

Soil preparation is in the form of a double row of notched discs with anti-shock mountings on adjustable central beams.

The soil in front of the seeding units is consolidated before seed placement by a steel packer roller that carries the weight of the drill across its full width.

The seeding units are mounted on heavy-duty C-spring tines to give up to 80kg pressure, claims Reco, while the coulter tips have been tungsten-hardened for long life.

As all drilling units are the same length, Reco claims that each seeding coulter applies identical pressure.

Reco says that seed is metered and delivered pneumatically to each individual seeding unit on a row-by-row basis, ensuring high accuracy application rates across the width of the machine.

This – combined with the 35mm seeder pipes – allows for higher placement accuracy even when working at high seed rates at speeds of up to 12kph.

The unit’s French heritage sees it fitted with a hydraulic braked axle, which on the Continent is a selling point over the competition as road speeds fall under tighter regulations.

Sulky drill

This braked axle allows the unit to travel at road speeds up to 40kph even when loaded.

The TRW6 drill carries a price tag of £63,500 and will be on display at the Cereals event on 13 and 14 June near Royston, Cambridgeshire.