Cereals 2023: GT Engineering debuts 6m folding front press

Having established itself building front-weight toolboxes and swath rollers, Spalding-based fabricator GT Agricultural Engineering has moved on to bigger pieces of kit.

One of the latest projects completed by founder George Merrison and his small team of engineers is a 6m folding front press.

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This has been built for a customer in Swineshead, Lincolnshire, and features a large rear ridged roller with a twin set of front tines to break up clods.

The firm says it’s been built to last, with a heavy-duty frame and a neat steering system that’s designed to lock in place when lifted clear of the ground.

Various rigid and folding models are available to order, with prices starting at about £12,000 for a 3m rigid machine and going up to about £19,500 for a 6m folding version.

Buyers also have the option of replacing the front tines with levelling paddles, as well as opting for different types of packer.

Grain pushers are another recent addition to the growing product line-up, which might also soon include cultivation kit.

For those with more specific requirements, George and his team offer a bespoke fabrication service.

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