Cover crop seeder added to Pottinger’s Terria cultivators

A small seed hopper, levelling boards and a “traction control” system to improve tractor grip are some of the new options available for Pottinger’s 4m to 6m Terria tine cultivators.

The Tegosem applicator comes with a 500-litre tank for cover crops or micro-granules, allowing tillage and seed or fertiliser broadcasting to be completed simultaneously in a single pass.

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Product is delivered via a hydraulically driven air stream to distribution plates positioned ahead of the rear roller, with the supply from the electronically controlled metering system automatically shut off at headlands.

The angle of the plates can be altered by twisting the shaft on which they are mounted to ensure there is a uniform spread of material.

There’s also a “traction control” system that allows operators to crank up the pressure of a hydraulic ram above the lower-link-mounted drawbar.

This transfers up to 1.4t of weight onto the tractor’s rear axle, improving grip and reducing fuel consumption by putting the power to the ground more efficiently.

The final option is a levelling board in place of the concave discs on trailed Terria models fitted with tandem rear rollers, which is likely to be of particular benefit to those working on light soils.

List price of a 4m Terria 4030 is £54,317 and the 6m 6030 is £74,801. The Tegosem 500 applicator adds £14,358 to those figures, and the traction control system is another £1,068.

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