Fliegl launches 6m chain-linked disc harrow

Fliegl has introduced its first chain-linked disc harrow for mixing soil and crop residues.

Similar in format to the Australian-made Kelly harrow, it uses lengths of flexible, heavy-duty chain to carry discs designed to chop surface material and encourage weed seed germination.

The German manufacturer says the implement has been designed for working on post-harvest stubbles and incorporating catch crops prior to drilling, but it can also be employed to mulch maize stalks to rid fields of overwintering pests.

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Folded chain harrow in field

© Fliegl

Its design features a cross-shaped frame that carries sections of chain-linked discs in a diamond formation. These are connected via eyelets so that they follow the ground contours.

There is currently only a 6m version available, which is said to be capable of covering 9ha/hour at a working speed of 10-15kph. Weight ranges from 80-120kg/m depending on the setup.

The starting price is roughly £33,100 but there are plenty of options for upping the spec, including a second set of weights, a control panel and hydraulic brakes.