LAMMA 2009: Lemken Karat cultivator

Lemken has replaced its existing three-row stubble cultivator, the Thorit, with the adapted Karat.

To achieve a uniform mix of soil and straw, there are still three rows of tines, like the previous model. But now, tines are positioned diagonally and equidistant from each other with increased row spacing to allow straw to freely flow through.

Rows are followed by rear-levelling discs, which are attached to the roller, instead of the cultivator. This means they’re easy to adjust, says Lemken.

Available with shearbolt and auto-reset options, a new “quick-fit” point attachment system allows the point and wings to be removed without tools, meaning two sets can be carried with the machine to ensure the correct sort are used for specific conditions. Semi-mounted and trailed 3m and 6m versions are available from about £4500 and the quick-change system costs £34 a leg.


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