Lamma 2022 preview: TerraTech Grassland Subsoiler

An improved version of the TerraTech Grassland Subsoiler from GSB Machinery has increased leg stagger, which the manufacturer says reduces the overall draft load while also leaving a smoother surface.

The pin-and-hole depth-adjustable legs that carry the sward-slicing discs are now cranked rearwards to position them closer to the soil-restructuring legs, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate cut to further improve the surface finish.

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In addition, the rear-mounted shark fin roller, which is also adjustable by a multiple pin-and-hole mechanism to fine-tune its position relative to subsoiling depth, has been given a drain bung so it can contain water ballast if required.

The TerraTech implement is produced in three-leg, four-leg and five-leg tractor-mounted variations, with either shear-pin or hydraulic auto-reset protection for the legs.


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