Lemken disc harrow connects to precision slurry spreader

From March, Lemken’s Heliodor compact disc harrow will be compatible with Vogelsang DosiMat precision slurry spreaders.

This slurry spreader and disc harrow combination joins the market as rising mineral fertiliser prices are driving many to favour using the natural mineral content of slurry. 

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The pair work in vertical tandem, with the DosiMat being fed slurry from above, which then passes through a rotor and several blades.

Close-up of Lemken disc harrow with precision slurry spreader

© Lemken

These help to ensure the product is uniform before being channelled into the individual hoses behind the first row of 510mm convex discs on the Heliodor.

The slurry is then integrated into the soil as the second row of discs and the trailing roller immediately follow.


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