Lemken makes Karat cultivator easier to pull

A new tine arrangement is the highlight of Lemken’s latest Karat cultivator, which the company says will reduce power requirements and deliver a straighter pull.

The redesign of the “10” derivative sees the legs laid out symmetrically across each of the three rows, meaning the implement is less likely to drag itself off course.

There are also several new options, including a row of leading discs mounted on leaf springs.

These should help chop through trash and break large clods where growers are looking to incorporate large volumes of organic matter.

The legs can be fitted with a range of points, from narrow 6cm-wide steels for working at a depth of 30cm, to a 35cm-wide duck foot share for shallow surface disturbance.

Intermediate options include 8cm and 12cm-wide standard points, which can be ordered with or without wings and with carbide tips.

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These are attached using Lemken’s quick-change system – a carryover from the Karat 9 – and protection can be by way of shear-bolts or coil-sprung auto-reset.

Sheet or disc side deflectors are also available and can be folded upwards manually or hydraulically depending on the spec.

A further configuration variation comes with the option of adding star shaped wheels ahead of the roller.

These may be preferred over the regular concave discs to leave a level finish on heavy clay soil and help mulch any remaining material to encourage quicker decomposition. Hockey stick-shaped levelling blades are also available.

The new Karat 10 cultivator will be available in both a mounted and semi-mounted form and in working widths from 3m to 7m.

However, a limited range of 3m, 3.5m and 4m will be available this summer, with the rest following in 2023.


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