Vaderstad NZ Extreme tine harrow in full production

The wide-working NZ Extreme heavy-duty tine harrow for conventional seed-bed preparation is now in full production following successful pre-series experience.

It builds on the 5m to 10m NZ Aggressive, with working widths of 12.5m and 14.25m covered by a five-section frame with multiple in-frame, bogie-mounted, offset support wheels to follow ground contours as faithfully as possible.

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Up front, the manufacturer’s familiar CrossBoard Heavy paddle spring tines connected by a full-width stabiliser bar smash clods and level the surface in preparation for the Extreme tines to work the soil further.

Spaced at 72mm, the tines are said to be designed to produce intense forward vibration with minimal sideways movement to maximise the cultivation effect – crushing clods and sorting the soil into the favourable seed-bed structure.

Numerous tine points are available up to a goosefoot design that works all soil across the width of the implement.

A light CrossBoard, single- or double-row flexible tines, press tines or a cage-type crumbler roller can complete the soil-working elements.

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