Carbon farming project in the pipeline from Lemken

German manufacturer Lemken is developing a so-called “carbon farming” plough in partnership with the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF).

The implement will support carbon enrichment in arable soils by ploughing at alternating depths, creating wells below the tillage level in every other furrow.

This process will allow humus-rich topsoil to fill the wells, which ZALF research shows leads to greater long-term storage of carbon dioxide in the soil.

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Lemken claims that this is a more sustainable method of soil management, with many benefits to farmers.

Increasing the humus content will improve soil fertility and allow crops to grow deeper roots to access water and nutrients, equating to an apparent yield increase of up to 5%.

The carbon plough will be compatible with Lemken’s iQblue connect module, which will collect site-specific data of the depth and location of the wells that are created.

Though not currently available, the plough is set to go on sale from mid-2024.

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