Kuhn Smart Plough offers independent mouldboard control

The days of seeing unburied trash at the fold between the headland and land work could be a thing of the past with Kuhn’s novel section-controlled Smart Plough.

It uses GPS to automatically lower and lift each individual plough body into and out of the ground at the start and end points of each furrow to leave a straight edge along the headland.

Raising and lowering the mouldboards individually eliminates the Z-shaped furrow edge and minimises overlap at the end of furrows.

Not only should this reduce the number of headland laps and associated soil compaction, but it will also make sure all surface trash at the furrow/headland interface is buried effectively.

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Establishing a clear, undisturbed boundary between the ploughed furrows and undisturbed land will also reduce jolts and bouncing when turning on the headland.

The system will be awarded a silver medal for innovation at Agritechnica 2017, but there’s no word yet on cost or availability.


The French manufacturer has also introduced a new range of GF 1012 series Gyrotedders.

Designed for use on medium- and large-scale farms, sizes range from a mounted 8.7m model up to a trailed 10.8m unit.

All models have the option of the HLC rotor lift, which raises all rotors to a height of 50cm in five seconds, which the company says is ideal for tight corners and keeping foreign objects out of the crops.

Prices for the tedders start at £14,081 for the 8.7m machine and top out a £22,906 for the 10.8m monster.


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