Kverneland reveals new mounted and semi-mounted plough ranges

Kverneland has launched a new generation of mounted ploughs ahead of November’s Agritechnica show.

The new baby model is now the three-, four- or five-furrow 2300, while the 3300 is a three- to six-furrow model for tractors up to 330hp. As a guide, the numbering of each model now indicates the tractor power required to pull it.

All three new models feature Variomat, which allows working width to be adjusted from 30-55cm (depending on the model), either hydraulically or mechanically. Both ranges offer inter-body clearance of 85-100cm.

All versions feature KV’s aero-profile leg design, which was first launched on the 2500 i-Plough. The legs are pre-shaped to limit any welds weakening the frame and are hollow to reduce weight and lower fuel consumption. Helpfully, the skimmers are now adjusted from a central point, too.

The new models can be ordered later this year for delivery in mid-2020.



Interbody clearance (cm)

2300 S Variomat



3300 S Variomat



3400 S *



3400 S Variomat *



* 5-7 furrows for 85cm interbody clearance, 5-6 furrows for 100cm interbody clearance

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Replacing the PB models is a new 6300 semi-mounted range, which has the option of a steering rear wheel to make headland turns quicker and gateways easier to negotiate.

The 6300S semi-mounted model © Edd Mowbray/Proagrica

The rear wheel is hydraulically linked to the turnover sequence, so should always be correctly positioned when re-entering work.

Available in six-, seven- or eight-furrow guise with 100cm or 115cm of interbody clearance, the new ploughs are likely to need at least 300hp, suggests KV.

The 6300 models have the same features as the smaller units, including Variomat width adjustment from 35-55cm and aero leg design to help trash pass freely.

New Enduro cultivators get fancy Triflex tine

Kverneland’s latest Enduro stubble cultivators can now be equipped with a Triflex auto-reset tine.

The new Triflex tine has a 700kg release point and its hollow design gives it a sideways flex of 70mm.

The shape of the tine also means it has two working zones – a lower area with a reduced 33deg angle to lift the soil like a subsoiler, and a higher area with a 73deg angle to mix soil and stubble.

The tine can use regular, heat-treated bolted shares, carbide tiles, or quick-fitting knock-on points.

The Enduro machines follow on from the existing CLC cultivators, with maximum working depth now 350mm and the number of tines increased on various models in the 3m-5m mounted range.

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