Devon dealer Halse shows latest Ovlac ploughs

Devon dealer Halse made its Cereals debut with the Ovlac range of cultivation kit.

The company has reported strong sales of the Spanish-built ploughs since it took on the import job from Reco.

One of its most popular models is the AV auto-reset vari-width version. Unusually, it is most popular fitted with spring protection, despite the sums working out £1,500 more than a shearbolt-protected model.

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The AV 200 is available in four- and five-furrow form with 85cm or 95cm point-to-point clearance and 72-78cm underbeam clearance.

Ovlac’s design differs from most other ploughs on the market by mounting the depth wheel level with the fourth furrow. The advantage is that operators can get the rear furrow almost touch tight with the hedge, and a self-aligning headstock is also part of the £17,975 package.


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