Denmark base for rakes

JF Stoll recently moved production of rakes and tedders from its north German factory to its base in Denmark.

The company has taken the factory move as an opportunity to introduce technical improvements to its M-Pro twin-rotor rakes.

Among the upgrades is a revised headstock with a stronger parking stand and a new three-wheel support axle on each rotor.

The most noticeable change is perhaps the new tine arms which are designed to sweep rearwards to speed up the lift rate and increase the lift height over the formed swath.

JF-Stoll’s crab-lift design – which enables the tines to lift out of work when making headland turns – has also been altered.

The firm says that the linkage system now provides an even better horizontal crab type lifting and lowering action for improved clearance over the swath.

JF Stoll says that the variable setting working widths are unchanged at 7.4 to 8m for the M-Pro 800 and 8 to 8.6m for the M-Pro 860.

List prices for the improved models are 14,050 and 15,252 for the M-Pro 800 and M-Pro 860 respectively.

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