Echo builds powerful lightweight chainsaw

Hand-tool maker Echo has introduced a new lightweight, rear handle chainsaw, aimed at both the professional and domestic markets.

The catchily named CS-4510ES has a 45cc two-stroke engine and is claimed to be more powerful yet lighter than previous models, offering an output of 2.3kW and a dry weight of 5kg.

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Some clever engine design means the two-stroke has a piston operated scavenging system, which creates a layer of fuel-free air between the burnt charge in the combustion chamber and the fresh charge in the crankcase. This buffer reduces the fuel-laden losses during the cycle.

Echo says this translates into a chainsaw that generates more torque to cut faster and more efficiently through harder wood.

Other new features include a redesigned air filter to prevent dust intake, a translucent fuel tank and an ES Easy Start system, while also being Stage2 emissions compliant.

The Echo CS-4510ES also comes with a two-year professional warranty or five-year domestic warranty.

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