Farmgem launches scissor-lift platform for fruit growers

Farmgem has launched a new range of orchard and vineyard machinery, plus a new model of sprayer.

The orchard and vineyard range includes mounted and trailed mist-blower sprayers, heavy-duty mulcher/choppers and harvest platforms.

There are models of mist blower to suit most small and large vineyards, says the company, plus an attachable single or twin stainless steel column system for spraying taller fruit trees.

Meanwhile the mulchers can tackle everything from orchard inter-row maintenance to heavy-duty tasks such as chopping maize stalks.

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The adjustable scissor-lift maintenance platforms give users an exact working height so they can operate safely without overreaching.

FarmGem platform

They are available in either a tractor-towed form or a self-propelled version that gives the grower independence from a tractor and improves mobility.

Both are available in various operating widths to suit apple, apricot or plum orchards.

The platforms can come complete with compressor and air tank to supply the six work stations with air-operated maintenance and harvest tools.

On the crop sprayer side, the existing Quartz Eco trailed model is now available with 15m, 16m or 18m vertical folding boom.

There is also a new 1,200-litre mounted sprayer that is available with either gull-wing or vertical folding booms up to 18m.

The new vertical folding boom comes with full in-cab electro-hydraulic operation for the boom, including boom lock and independent wing fold.