Amia’s 9.7m v-rake treats the grass carefully

This impressive-looking 9.7m Easy Rake Superstar from Italian firm Enorossi was demoed for the first time in the UK last month.

There are six different sizes available from a 6.3m working width unit with four wheels to an 11.5m version with 12 wheels.

Each wheel is independent of its neighbours and opening and closing of the unit is done hydraulically. The machine makes a soft windrow that doesn’t destroy the leaves, says the company. Each wheel is 1.5m in diameter and tines are 7.5mm thick, which means it can work in maize stalks and lucerne.

A hydraulically operated auto-steering system lets the unit steer itself independently to follow the path of the tractor and manoeuvre in tight corners.

Cost of the 9.7m unit is £15,863 and the machines are brought in by Devon company Amia.

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