Danish big bale accumulator designed for controlled traffic farming

Danish company Parkland Maskinfabrik has designed a big-bale accumulator with controlled traffic farming systems in mind.

They allow the operator to drop off the bales on the headland, saving the transport team from running all over the field.

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Contractor and importer PJ Reed of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, claim this has cut the time for clearing a field from five to under two hours, with attendant savings in fuel.

The company has worked with Parkland to modify the machine for UK conditions. Particularly when working across a hillside, there was a tendency for the bales to slip to the side, an issue that farmers in pancake-flat Denmark had not experienced.

There are four models, two taking three or five maxi bales and two models taking three or five midi bales. The largest model takes five bales, uses a single two-way spool valve and adds around 30hp to the required size of tractor. It costs £32,000.