Claas Jaguar 900 gets automatic pickup speed adjustment

Claas has updated the automatic pick-up speed adjustment system on its flagship 900-series forage harvesters, so that it can better adapt to changing conditions.

Previously, the optional add-on purely matched reel speed to the ground speed of the forager to give more efficient raking and reduce losses.

However, when travelling at more than 5kph, the enhanced version also matches the intake auger speed for more consistent crop flow.

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To fine-tune the setup, operators have the option of adjusting both speeds independently from the cab.

Another new feature is an automatic chain lubrication system for the left-side drive of the intake auger and pick-up reel.

As for Jaguar 800-series news, the second-largest model in the line-up, the 840, has inherited a 12.8-litre Mercedes six-cylinder engine from the 850, giving it a 27hp power boost to 435hp at 1,600rpm.

Claas says the upgrade also gives greater torque reserves without affecting fuel consumption.

Finally, for 2023, all Jaguar models have the option of being fitted with the firm’s new Cemis 1200 terminal and GPS Pilot guidance system.

Claas Jaguar 900

© Claas

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